Eric van Aro

release date march 6th 2016 … incl. “walking to the rhythm (mad boss remix)”

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OUT NOW! Sensual approach Vol.2 -incl SING TOGETHER by the EGH project feat. Maggie Smile


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ENJOY “FOREVER RIDE” by the EGH project, dedicated to bikers and truckers everywhere, with a lot of respect!

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An album you can listen to, as well as dance along with… by Dan MacIntosh

This album is part dance music, part ‘song’ recording. With its expressive vocals, which are mixed in such a way that they’re not merely secondary elements, the way many dance music projects treat the singing, this is an album you can listen to, as well as dance along with.

With its distinctive jazz elements, it’s also more musically challenging than a lot of what passes for EDM. That style is so beat heavy, it’s as though melodies are just about as secondary as the vocals. EDM is more about the collective crowd experience, more so than any kind of musical creation.

The Forever Ride label has gotten off to a great start with this project. Nothing truly lasts forever, but this firm creative foundation bodes well for this new venture. Maybe it’ll sound good in Brazil, or just about any other place you put it on. Long may Forever Ride run!

Artist: the EGH project
Album: Life Song
Reviewer: Dan MacIntosh
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The EGH Project has produced a work that not only sets the mood but sets the mode…. by Charles Sweet

Life Song begins with “Walking to the Rhythm”, an introduction that sets the tone with a rich, progressive tone that literally fills your ears with movement: The pad and keyboard driven song is complex in construction but exceptionally inviting—I never felt out of place here and that, to me, creates the best atmosphere to start a project on. I loved the saxophone break and because of how strong this song was I looked forward to what was next. “One Life One Song” is the follow up to the previous song’s spacy backdrop allows for a well-spoken poem of sorts that builds to a funky, bass-laden groove. Eric van Aro’s voice shines clearly here as introspective meaning rolls off his performance in droves.

“Sing Together” features Maggie Smile-Vox who does a wonderful job of adding a compliment to Eric’s sound. They work in tandem to create an atmospheric groove that is basic yet explorative and ultimately a ying and yang completion. This is easily my favorite song on the album because there is so much to hear and in turn, experience, due to both singers ability to elevate both the song and their performances by playing off each other. The feel is decidedly 90s era, and one well-missed by R&B lovers.

If “Tattoo” works—it’s because the EGH project is able to take the raw materials and make room for an impressive expression; simply calling it a song doesn’t do it justice. The song is gentle, yet explosive; rich, yet reserved, and a very, very good showing. I know I said “Sing Together” was my favorite from Life Song, I know I did, and I’m sorry but these two songs battle for supremacy depending on time of day I listen to them. That, in itself, is something to marvel.

“E2E” is another bass-driven track that takes all the guesswork out of finding your groove and because of the four-on-the-floor drumming it is easy for both Eric and you the listener to fall into a nice pocket of rhythm. As well produced as this one is, my attention was dead center of the vocal stylings: Eric maneuvers adeptly throughout the elements and if any of the songs on this project deserve a music video, this by and large is it. This song breathes a vigorous life back into you and the aim is so accurate, so true, that you know exactly what he came to do with this song. Overall, Life Song is adventurous and ranges from dramatic to heartfelt to rejoicing to soothing without ever feeling phoned in. The EGH Project has produced a work that not only sets the mood but sets the mode.
Review by: Charles Sweet



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