An album you can listen to, as well as dance along with… by Dan MacIntosh

This album is part dance music, part ‘song’ recording. With its expressive vocals, which are mixed in such a way that they’re not merely secondary elements, the way many dance music projects treat the singing, this is an album you can listen to, as well as dance along with.

With its distinctive jazz elements, it’s also more musically challenging than a lot of what passes for EDM. That style is so beat heavy, it’s as though melodies are just about as secondary as the vocals. EDM is more about the collective crowd experience, more so than any kind of musical creation.

The Forever Ride label has gotten off to a great start with this project. Nothing truly lasts forever, but this firm creative foundation bodes well for this new venture. Maybe it’ll sound good in Brazil, or just about any other place you put it on. Long may Forever Ride run!

Artist: the EGH project
Album: Life Song
Reviewer: Dan MacIntosh
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